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About Us

My love of pets started with our childhood dog Bridget, this is where I found complete love and loyalty. Over the years I have been in awe of my pets keen senses and ability to feel our emotions and take care of us. In return they deserve our care, loyalty and safety. This is how the TruBluTag was born.

Tags that wear away and are unreadable or fall off are useless. They are so hard to update even using pliers! Micro chips are not visible and are also not updated. The TruBluTag answers these problems and are easily changed, visible and secure. Our mission is to tag every pet so they return home and do not end up in shelters! Pass it on...


Our Mission

Tag Every Pet • Have Pets Return Home • Promote responsible pet ownership that will result in fewer pets that end up in shelters

Be a part of it... Tag you're it! Help put an end to lost pets

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