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A pet tag holder Holds up to 4 tags ID License Rabies GPS Tags Slide in and snap shut Easily change tags Easily snaps onto collar, halter, leash, harness or anything you need to ID!


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TruBluTag Holder

TruBluTag is a pet tag holder! It is NEW to the market. Here's how it works- You open the side slot and slide the tags in (up to four tags: Identification, license, gps and rabies).

Our Mission Is to TAG every pet and have pets return home. Help put an end to lost pets

Promote responsible pet ownership that will result in fewer pets that end up in shelters.

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Trublutag fits all kind of pets

horse and cow

Tag every Pet

If you decide to only place one tag in the tag holder, it comes with a sponge to slide in so there is no rattle. It is QUIET!

Tags are easy to change and keep up to date. It is also a snap to change the tag holder to a new collar, harness, halter or leash. It is visible and secure and most importantly won't fall off!

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cat and dog

Have Pets return home

One-third of all dogs and cats in United States are reported missing in their lifetimes, more than 80% are never found, and between 9,450,000 and 9,632,000 pets that wind up in shelters in the US are killed.

Tags that wear away until they are unreadable or just fall off do not help pets return home. Microchips are not visible and often not updated which can make them useless!

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Help put an end to lost pets

Be a part of it... Tag you're it!

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Trublutag fits all kind of pets

  • Secure, Visible, Waterproof, Quiet
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