• Celebrating National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

    At TruBluTag, we recognize devoted pet owners and animals seeking homes and appreciate all individuals and families working hard to keep their pets safe. Shelters hold many dogs and cats throughout the year, which is why celebrating National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week is the least we can do! According to statistics, forty-three percent of pet owners acquired their furry friend from an animal shelter or rescue group in 2021-2022.1  That’s more than double the number of people purchasing pets from breeders. 
  • How to Find a Lost Dog

    Are you frantically searching your home and asking yourself, “where is my dog?” A moment like this is frightening and causes great concern for a pet owner. If you are wondering what to do if you lost your dog...
  • What to Put on Pet Tag: Do’s and Don’ts

    At TruBluTag, our mission is to protect your pet; to do this, we must secure the ID tags! It’s vital to shield the identification, GPS, rabies tag, or license, and with our Blu tag holder, you can have all four in one durable cover. However, before getting the cover, you must have the tags.
  • Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe

    Giving love to your furry companion is a priority but there are other ways to keep your pet safe and happy!