What to Put on Pet Tag: Do’s and Don’ts

At TruBluTag, our mission is to protect your pet; to do this, we must secure the ID tags! It’s vital to shield the identification, GPS, rabies tag, or license, and with our Blu tag holder, you can have all four in one durable cover. However, before getting the cover, you must have the tags. Are you wondering what to put on pet tags? Keep reading to discover what to include and avoid adding to your dog’s identification tag. 

What to Put on Dog Tag and Other Pet Tags 

What do you put on a dog tag? For dogs and other household pets like cats or bunnies, it’s essential to know that size matters, especially if you are using a protective guard around the tags. The bigger the tag, the louder, more noticeable, and more of a hazard it can be. It’s not unusual for cats and dogs to get stuck in an awkward or dangerous position due to their tag getting caught. 

Remember, the tag is meant to hold the necessary information, not everything about you or your pet. For instance, it’s unnecessary to put your address on the tag since this information is private, and it’s always a good idea to remain cautious about who knows where you reside. But, of course, if your pet is lost, the number one priority is getting them back home safely. 

The information on quality pet tags should include: 

  • Your phone number: the most important detail on the pet tag. 
  • Your email address can be used but often not recommended over a phone number. 
  • Add, “I’m microchipped,” or “I’m lost, please call my family!” 

Adding the pet’s name is optional since there are pros and cons to informing others about the animal’s name. In the worst scenario, a person could see the name and use it to entice the dog. Still, adding personal touches to the tag is beneficial. 

Tips For Buying Unique Pet ID Tags 

In addition to what information should be on the tag, it’s always good to use both sides to include details about your pet. For example, if your pet has a medical condition and needs to take its scheduled medication, this will cause urgency in the person who finds them to return them home. Also, if you want to include your address on a pet name, adding it to the back of the tag is advised. 

Don’t forget to add flare! From cute cat tags to stylish dog, animal, or other pet tags, choosing a design, shape, or color, you will enjoy seeing on your furry family member is always fun. Of course, keeping your pet safe is the first priority, and making sure they look fantastic and comfy is the next! 

Protect The Tags with TruBlu 

Love your pet? Secure and silence their tags with the TruBluTag holder. We understand that with a pet comes great responsibility. Keep your furry friend safe by guarding their identification, license, GPS, and rabies tags all in one spot. Don’t wait to get your tags and your holder and prevent a lost pet today! 

For more information or to purchase your pet holder, visit us here! For any questions, contact us today.   

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