How to Find a Lost Dog

Pets are incredible, just as they require a tremendous amount of responsibility. Besides ensuring they eat well and get enough exercise, keeping them safe is vital. Every owner fears that their dog will stray away from home. A GPS and identification tag are highly recommended to prevent a lost pet. In addition, it’s essential to protect the title by using a cover like the one TruBluTag offers. Here are some helpful tips if you are wondering how to find a lost dog.  

How to Find Your Dog

Are you frantically searching your home and asking yourself, “where is my dog?” A moment like this is frightening and causes great concern for a pet owner. If you are wondering what to do if you lost your dog, start by remaining calm. Panicking will only slow down the finding process. Next, put all prior commitments on hold and focus on locating your furry friend. 

Here are some tips when it comes to how to find a lost dog: 

  • Post on social media and ask people to share
  • Search your neighborhood during the day and at night
  • Keep your phone off silent and fully charged at all times 
  • Add a reward so people are more eager to help you find your dog 
  • Use an automated service that specializes in raising awareness, like sending emails to people in your area
  • It may seem old fashion but put up signs with a picture of your dog and information about the animal 

The good news is, according to surveys, ninety percent of dogs are found in the first twelve hours after being reported missing, and sixteen percent of dogs manage to find their way back home to their owners.1 It’s essential to begin your search as soon as you notice that your dog is missing, and don’t overthink asking someone to help you. 

How to Track a Lost Dog 

Knowing the best ways when it comes to how to find your dog will help decrease the time your pet is not home. Before you begin the rigorous search, check areas around your home like the garage, the pool, or the porch, and areas that seem peculiar but possible where your dog could be. Next, determine your search radius. If you need to know how to find a lost dog, ask yourself: 

  • Was your dog frightened by something? 
  • Is your dog active and fit enough to travel far in a short period? 
  • Are there dangerous areas nearby that could potentially hurt the dog? 
  • Are there places nearby where the dog wants to visit, such as a neighbor? 

It’s crucial not to assume the worst, especially right away. There is a high chance the dog has not been attacked or kidnapped; therefore, it’s important to search your area, ask people for help, and use social media and other platforms for a positive result. Still, check local shelters and give them your number and a picture of your pet. 

Bring a leash and your dog’s favorite toy or treat during the search. Having someone stay home or at your house while you search is also helpful since while you are out looking, your doggie could come home, and a person on guard can let them back inside where they are safe. 

Prevent a Lost Pet With the Best Dog Tag Holder 

At TruBluTag, we provide pet owners with an innovative dog collar tag holder so they can protect their furry family members at all times. We understand how unfortunate and heartbreaking a lost dog can be, especially to a family. For that reason, we offer animal lovers an affordable and reliable guard that holds four tags!

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