Celebrating National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

At TruBluTag, we recognize devoted pet owners and animals seeking homes and appreciate all individuals and families working hard to keep their pets safe. Shelters hold many dogs and cats throughout the year, which is why celebrating National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week is the least we can do! According to statistics, forty-three percent of pet owners acquired their furry friend from an animal shelter or rescue group in 2021-2022.1  That’s more than double the number of people purchasing pets from breeders.  

What Do Animal Shelters Do? 

Animal shelter employees and volunteers run around the clock, 365 days a year. National animal shelter and rescue appreciation week recognizes people's hard work toward taking abused, unwanted, or strayed animals and finding suitable homes for them. Some well-known shelters include the Animal Humane Society, the Pet Haven of Minnesota, the Pet Pal Animal Shelter, and many animal sanctuaries. 

How To Celebrate National Shelter Appreciation Week 

You may already have guessed it, but the number one way to celebrate National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week is by adopting a dog or cat! Dogs and cats make excellent companies but also require effort and responsibility. Keeping your pet safe is vital, which is why TruBluTag offers a secure cover for all your pet’s necessary tags, such as identification, rabies, and GPS. 

Other ways to celebrate animal shelter appreciation week include: 

  • Post on social media 
  • Donating to a local animal shelter 
  • Take a tour of a local animal shelter and see about getting involved
  • Assist injured animals in your neighborhood or at the local animal shelter
  • Connect with children and teach them the importance of taking care and loving their pet 
  • Give volunteers or employees at your local animal shelter baked goods, thank you cards, or gift cards 


In addition, stay alert! If you notice any “lost dog” or “missing cat” signs up, do your part to keep an eye out or get others involved. Put yourself in the pet owner's shoes and reach out to show support. There are many ways to show appreciation and love in your neighborhood; what better way than by helping out our furry friends? 

Safety Tips & More at TruBluTag 

Whether it’s national dog week or you want to spoil your animal of the week, show love by ordering a TruBluTag holder now! The safety holders are an excellent way to keep all tags in one spot, safe and sound. Also, keep your pet’s GPS on at all times, rain or shine. Show love today! 

For more information or to order now, contact us or visit our website today! 


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